We provide custom-designed primary research support for business focusing on customer/consumer studies as well as business-to-business analysis. We employ all types of traditional research tools depending on the needs of the client and we strive to keep up-to-date with changes in the industry that will provide our clients with the most effective and current tools to identify and solve business challenges.


Projects include online research surveys conducted via email, custom-designed web site studies, SmartPhones, cell phones and other current technology as well as traditional offline surveys using telephone, mail and intercepts.


All projects are custom-designed based on individual client needs. We use custom-designed questionnaires and custom-designed reporting formats relying heavily on graphical presentation of the key findings to assist in the rapid implementation of research findings for the client.


Our experience includes over 20 years of designing, conducting, analyzing, reporting and providing client support for implementation of findings for more than 200 companies in a wide variety of industries including: automotive, communications, publishing, healthcare, insurance, financial, sports, entertainment, advertising and creative, education, business development, retail, consumer services and utilities as well as a variety of not-for-profit organizations.


Contact us to have an associate discuss how we may assist your business, improve your sales and maximize your customer experience ... or email us at johearn@jdoresearch.com


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